Top 9 Reasons You Should Change The Locks In Your Home

top reasons for changing locks on doors

You can change the locks on your property either by replacing the entire hardware or just rekeying existing locks. Here are nine reasons to replace locks in your home with a qualified eltham locksmith.

You have purchased a new house

It’s an exciting time to buy a home. Your house may be new to you but it may not be to someone else. It is impossible to know whether you have all the keys or if there are more. It is a smart idea to change the locks on newly acquired properties. 

Your tenants have left your property

If you don’t have a restricted master key system, duplicate keys could be present in your rental property. It is a good idea for tenants to change the locks. It may be worth considering updating locks to use a restricted master-key system.

Faulty locks or old locks

If the hardware is damaged or defective, it is a must to replace the locks. If the locks don’t function as intended, it is as bad as not having any locks. To ensure that your locks are working properly, it is a good idea for you to inspect them every six to twelve months. To ensure that they last as long as possible, you can perform lock maintenance and clean them. 

Your keys have been stolen or you’ve lost them

Broken or damaged locks may have been left behind if you were broken into. You should also change your locks after a burglary because keys might have been stolen. Your home’s security may be at risk if you lose your keys. You might prefer to rekey your property than replace hardware. This is especially true in parts of Melbourne, such as the Northern suburbs, where people can break into your house just to steal your car keys.

You have completed a renovation

It is common for tradespeople and suppliers to have access to your home during renovations. These could include plumbers, electricians, tilers and builders. This could even include your general contractor. 

You don’t know the names and affiliations of your tradespeople, even if your main contractor is trustworthy. It’s impossible to guarantee that your house keys will not be copied and given to unscrupulous people. 

Your remodeling budget should cover a small portion of the cost of replacing your door locks after renovations are complete. You can save money by investing in new locks, remember to factor this into your budget.

You are looking for a new style

This is a great way to renovate your home. You probably want to change your style. Although locks may not be an important part of the overall picture, it is these little details that create a beautiful home. 

Old locks might be made in an older era or brand that is not compatible with your preferences. You may prefer brushed nickel to bright brass, but your current locks might be made of bright brass. They may also be made of shiny chrome if your palette calls out for dark steel. 

It’s not difficult to make the decision to change your locks. The challenge is choosing the right style among multiple options. That’s all part of the fun of redecorating. 

Your locks may be of poor quality or inferior quality

Builders often use the most expensive products to maximise their return on investment in older homes and places built in tract communities. It could also mean that security was compromised in order to save money on locks. 

Burglars can easily pick or break inferior locks. The quality of locks is one of the most important things that thieves consider when securing a property. They recognise the signs of poor locks. They can also identify good locks when they are present. 

It is a good way to deter burglars by replacing your low-cost locks. They know that it will be difficult to break into their home and are not willing to put in the effort. This is a good reason to invest.

You have been through a divorce or breakup  

This is one of the most dangerous situations where you may have to replace your locks. This could be for your safety and security. 

If you have ended a relationship with your partner and were forced to leave, change your locks. Be very careful who gets the keys. Many have had unwanted visits from their estranged spouses. Your best defense is to keep them away. 

A disability can change your lifestyle

Many people will eventually become disabled. You may experience it as you age or with someone you live with. 

Many locks are not made for people with mobility or disabilities. Some people find it difficult to insert a key and turn it, then twist the door handle. It may seem impossible for others. There are simple solutions to handicapped accessibility, including door locks that can be adjusted for people with disabilities. 

You don’t have to stick with the lock-and-key system. There are many entry-pass systems available today that can be used on smartphones and provide coded security. A smart lock system is a flexible security solution that allows remote keyless entry and the ability to grant limited access permission. 

A qualified locksmith, like Temple Locksmiths & Security is recommended if you are looking to replace your door locks due to any of the nine reasons above.