A billiard table is a wooden slim billiard table used in indoor billiards games. The word “billiard” comes from the French word meaning “a ball.” A billiard table consists of three to five chambers, where billiard balls are stored, rolled, struck, or tossed, while being transported to another table. Billiard tables for sale can have one, two, or three pockets. In the earliest times, these were located behind the table, while later they were placed in front of it.

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Billiard balls are specially crafted and formed to the shape of the cue stick, which is usually a hollow aluminum tube, or a steel shaft with a core made of brass or steel. Billiard balls come in a wide range of weights and diameters. Originally, pool tables used cast iron cylinders, but nowadays many pool tables are fitted with fiberglass cylinder heads. Pool cues come in different sizes, from the thinnest to the heaviest. They are also available in many unique designs, made especially for billiard use.


Pool tables are enclosed in a thick heavy fabric, called “tricorn” or “waffle iron,” which is made of woven cotton, leather, nylon, or polypropylene, attached to aluminum frames. Pool tables can be designed with up to six pockets. Usually, there are two to three slots for balls in each of the six pockets. There are usually holes in the corners of billiard tables.


Today, billiard tables can be bought as single units, or can be constructed according to the specifications of the player. Some people prefer to buy complete sets of billiard tables, which contain cues, wedge, pool and storage boxes. Another popular choice, particularly for people who do not play that much, is to buy only the pool tables and put together a billiard room kit, including a cue ball, cue cases, pool table liners and so on. The weight of them can make pool table removal difficult.

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Today there are many companies manufacturing billiard tables, both online and offline. One of the major manufacturers is World Wide Brands, which is based in China. It is a division of rack Brands, which is primarily based in America. Other notable brands include Cue Club International, Midway, Atlantic, Rose & Ellis, Jokers Pool, and cuesports. Pool supplies such as slate and bubble bags are often sold separately.


Cushions for pool tables vary greatly in design and quality. Some newer models of pool tables have rails along the length of the table, while older models have flat rails. Some of the more popular accessories include cushions with interchangeable covers, metal rails for support, steel rails, wood rails, fabric covered rails, and diamond plate covered rails.