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Split system air conditioner Doreen units are very useful accessories for cars and other vehicles. Car air con is an electrical system in your vehicle which enables you to cool the inside air of your vehicle especially in hot dry weather, giving comfort to the passengers. Since the beginning, air con has been slowly growing in popularity but in 1970, nearly half of all newly built cars had air con as an option. Today, air con is an indispensable car accessory which is used almost in every car manufactured by any company around the world.


The benefits of air con for your vehicle is not limited to comfort and convenience, but it also helps to conserve energy by lowering the temperature of the engine, thereby saving gasoline. The lower the temperature of the engine, the less fuel is burned, and this translates to lower emissions. Air con works in conjunction with a fan which directs the cold air towards the windshield on the driver’s side and the driver keeps looking out for temperature changes even when he drives inside the comforts of his house.


To start off, an air conditioner Research consists of three major components, the air conditioner, the condenser, and the compressor. The air conditioner, also known as the air conditioner compressor is responsible for pumping the refrigerant gas called Freon into the compressor, which in turn forces hot air through the evaporator coil. A condenser is made of a metallic case and is responsible for electrostatic charging of refrigerant gas in the compressor. A compressor works by utilizing a motor to move the compressor air past a series of fans and pumps which pull the air through ducts to various locations. Finally, an air compressor is linked to an air compressor or an air conditioner unit through a compressor line.

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A single AC can cool approximately 400 square feet of space and is relatively cheaper than cooling a comparable space with a water cooler. ACs work by pulling heated air through a small gap between the hottest part of the room and the coolest part. The gas flowing through the gap is Freon and it absorbs heat from the refrigerant gas circulating through the line until the gas makes it way to the compressor where it is compressed by powerful fans and pumps. The gas will then be cooled using a compressor motor and released in the form of cold gas which flows through tubing into an air con that draws air into the room. The process is repeated a few times before the air reaches the end of the line.


Most modern cars use AC systems which employ Freon refrigerant gas. One type of air con, the r1234yf is used to replace Freon in ACs. This is a newer design which is quieter, has less power and consumes less energy. A newer design can cool up to six cars at one time. In addition, most of the r1234yf used in cars are custom-made for each model.


For indoor air con systems, a fan is often included. Typically the fan pulls air through a tube or blower and pushes air through a fine mist. For outdoor air conditioning, a condenser is located outside of the house. When the outside air temperature is high, the condenser uses Freon to absorb heat from the sun, and send it back into the air conditioning unit to cool down the inside temperature of your house.

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