concrete x ray scanning

Concrete scanning services is one of the most important innovations for concrete structures. With a powerful instrument called the Scanner, you will be able to determine the exact condition and nature of concrete, which is greatly needed to make concrete structures function as they should. This type of technology is usually utilized in various construction projects that are done to create buildings or other structures. There are also instances when this technology can be used in order to detect the structural weaknesses of a certain concrete structure. Through the years, concrete X-Ray scanning has already been widely applied in the industry, and this has helped many different concrete industries to achieve success and gain more profits.


The basic function of a reinforcement scanner Melbourne is to produce images of the concrete through the help of an ultra-sound waves. These waves can be produced by any Scanner according to their specifications. Once you attach the scanner to a concrete structure, it will start producing the images of the concrete in just a matter of minutes. When these images are viewed, they will be able to reveal details that only a trained eye can see. In this way, the condition and quality of concrete can be determined, which will be essential in order to make sure that the structure is sound enough and durable enough.


The concrete Scanner is able to detect not only the flaws but also the flaws that are caused by the presence of mineralizations or fine aggregate. This is actually the main problem of concrete; mineralization or fine aggregates can penetrate the surface of the concrete and cause corrosion. By using the scanning machine, problems like these can be found out in just a matter of minutes and you will no longer have to spend time trying to fix corroded concrete. If you notice, concrete X-Ray scanning has already been used to detect iron corrosion and to prevent further corrosion of concrete surfaces. However, there are still other issues that have not been discovered yet; so you may ask what else concrete X-Ray scanning can Detect?

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Well, one of the most important things it is able to detect is the stress cracks. Cracks appear on structures when the load that is applied on the concrete causes some sort of damage to the internal structure of the material. It could either be due to the expansion or contraction that takes place due to temperature changes or due to other external factors. In this case, concrete X-Ray Scanning will be able to detect whether the damage is due to an internal structural defect or if it is due to external factors affecting the structure of concrete.


Apart from iron corrosion, the Scanner is able to detect other types of structural defects, which include fracture, crack and buckling of concrete. The machine is also capable of detecting stress cracks that occur at high frequencies. As we all know, stress cracking is responsible for a lot of construction related problems and this is the reason why concrete X-Ray Scanning has become extremely popular. With the help of this machine, structures can be inspected and examined without causing any damage or waste.


This means that you don’t have to wait for days or even weeks in order to find out whether you have incurred any construction related damages in your structure. You will be able to identify the exact source of problem and take necessary steps in order to prevent them from happening in the future. If you are concerned about detecting the hidden defects in the structure, then you should go in for this type of inspection. Once you install the machine at your site, you will be able to detect any issues that might be causing external pollution to get trapped inside the structure.

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